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July | August 2013

Upcoming Events

National Sexual Assault Conference: August 28–30, 2013

Inspire a Movement logo The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault is hosting this conference in Los Angeles, CA, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. The 3-day conference, entitled “Inspire a Movement, Invest in Change, Imagine,” will provide the most up-to-date information on effective practices for preventing, intervening in, and helping victims to heal from sexual violence. Registration information is available online.

18th International Conference & Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma: September 8–11, 2013

To be held in San Diego, CA, this conference will feature tracks on intimate partner violence, child maltreatment, children exposed to violence, at-risk youth, criminal justice issues, sexual assault, people with disabilities, treatment of victims and offenders, elder abuse, trauma, and more. The event is hosted by the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma at Alliant International University. This year’s conference also includes the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan summit and research sessions. Registration information is available online.

2013 National Center for Victims of Crime National Conference: September 9–11, 2013

National Center for Victims of Crime logoThis conference will emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to sharing promising practices, current research, and effective programs and policies that are victim centered, practice based, and research informed. Hosted by the National Center for Victims of Crime, the conference provides a forum for law enforcement, victim service professionals, allied practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to share current developments and build new collaborations. Conference sessions will highlight practical information to better support services for individuals victimized by crimes of all types. Registration information is available online.

Indian Child Welfare Act Training Series: September 9–12, 2013

National Child Welfare Association logoAs part of its Indian Child Welfare Act series, the National Indian Child Welfare Association will offer the training, “Understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act” on September 9–10 in Portland, OR. The training will provide participants with information about the basic legal requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (ICWA) and the practice issues involved with its implementation. A second training, “Advanced Practice in ICWA” will be held on September 11–12. Topics include advanced strategies for implementing ICWA and opportunities for facilitating additional policy and practice supports to enhance implementation of ICWA. Registration information is available online.

ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect: September 15–18, 2013

ISPCAN logo Sponsored by the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), the conference, "Protecting Children in a Changing World,” will cover a range of topics, including the prevention of child abuse and neglect through early and sustained involvement, interventions and programs for children and families experiencing adversity, addressing children’s rights and participation, reforms in child protection and welfare policy, children in out-of-home care, and evidence-based practices. Registration information for this event, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, is available online.

Strategies for Justice: Advanced Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse and Exploitation: September 23–27, 2013

Hosted by the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, this event will feature advanced training in the prosecution of both physical and sexual child abuse. Topics include emerging technologies and digital exploitation, new research on offender characteristics, bullying and torture, and the latest information on abusive head trauma and DNA evidence. Also offered will be sessions on suspect interrogation, interviewing small children and toddlers, the role of faith-based institutions in fighting child abuse, and ethics for professionals. The training will be held in Atlanta, GA. Registration is available online.

Intervening at the Crossroads: Child Abuse and Juvenile Justice Conference: September 25–26, 2013

This conference combines two annual meetings—the Improving Investigation & Prosecution of Child Abuse conference and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention conference—into one larger event, promoting opportunities for cross-system collaboration. Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, the multidisciplinary event is targeted to professionals who work in child protective services, child welfare, law enforcement, juvenile probation, and the courts, as well as advocates for youth. Registration information is available online.

Third Annual National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention: September 26–27, 2013

The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention will hold its third annual summit in Arlington, VA. The 2-day event will bring together federal and local partners, congressional leaders, and public and private organizations in a collaborative effort to address youth violence and to highlight the hard work and dedication of the forum’s partners. The summit will serve as a platform to raise awareness about the administration’s agenda to enhance and promote youth violence prevention strategies—with the forum and the Defending Childhood Initiative as the centerpieces—and focus on how the 10 cities participating in the forum will sustain their efforts. An in-depth write-up of summit proceedings will be included in the next issue of "OJJDP News @ a Glance."

120th Annual IACP Conference and Exposition: October 19–23, 2013

IACP 2013 Conference logoFeaturing forums, technical workshops, and an exhibit hall, this annual event provides law enforcement professionals with opportunities to learn more about emerging trends in law enforcement and the latest developments in technology. The event is hosted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Registration information for the conference, to be held in Philadelphia, PA, is available online.

Mid-Atlantic Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect: October 23–25, 2013

Organized by the Maryland Children’s Alliance, this annual conference, to be held in Annapolis, MD, will feature speakers addressing the needs of Child Advocacy Centers and the mental health needs of victims. In addition, tracks for law enforcement, prosecution, judicial, and medical personnel will be offered. Registration information is available online.

Introduction to Juvenile Interview and Interrogation Techniques: November 13–14, 2013

This 2-day tailored training, sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), will present key components of IACP’s and OJJDP’s recommended juvenile interview techniques for law enforcement. Strategies will be provided for analyzing behavior, developing rapport, and conducting effective juvenile interviews and interrogations. Case examples and actual footage of juvenile interviews will be presented to illustrate successful investigative techniques. The training will be held in Downers Grove, IL.

American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting: November 20–23, 2013

The American Society of Criminology's 2013 meeting, “Expanding the Core: Neglected Crimes, Groups, Causes, and Policy Approaches,” to be held in Atlanta, GA, will offer sessions and roundtables on the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency. More information about the meeting, including the program, hotel arrangements, and registration, is available online.

Eighth Global Youth Justice Training Institute: December 3–5, 2013

Teen Court logoGlobal Youth Justice will host its eighth Global Youth Justice Training Institute in Las Vegas, NV. Participants will learn how to establish or enhance local juvenile justice diversion programs—teen, peer, youth, and student courts and peer juries. Topics include training youth and adult volunteers, delivering quality community services and programs, conducting mock family intake meetings, identifying funding and resources, addressing legal and liability issues, creating partnerships with memorandums of understanding, evaluating programs, writing proposals, and identifying public and private resources. Registration information is available online.

Information Sharing Certificate Program: December 9–12, 2013

CJJR logoApplications are now available for the Information Sharing Certificate Program, to be hosted in Washington, DC, by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute in partnership with the Juvenile Law Center and the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps. The program is designed to enable leaders in the juvenile justice, child welfare, education, behavioral health, and other child-serving fields to overcome information-sharing challenges that prevent the communication and coordination that is necessary to adequately serve youth known across multiple systems of care. Applications are due September 6. More information about the application process is available online.