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September | October 2012

Staff News

OJJDP Staff Receive Attorney General Awards

Photo of Elissa Rumsey
OJJDP Compliance Monitoring Coordinator Elissa Rumsey.
Six Office of Justice Programs (OJP) staff—three of them from OJJDP—were recognized for distinguished public service at the 60th Annual Attorney General's Awards Ceremony on October 17, 2012. The event was held at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.

Photo of Brecht Donoghue
OJJDP Research Coordinator Brecht Donoghue.
OJJDP Compliance Monitoring Coordinator Elissa Rumsey, along with Allen Beck (Senior Statistical Advisor, Bureau of Justice Statistics) and Gary Dennis (Senior Policy Advisor for Corrections, Bureau of Justice Assistance), were recognized for their work in guiding the Justice Department's efforts to address sexual violence in prisons, jails, and lockups through the successful implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003.

Photo of Jennifer Tyson
OJJDP Program Manager Jennifer Tyson.
OJJDP Research Coordinator Brecht Donoghue and OJJDP Program Manager Jennifer Tyson were honored along with Phelan Wyrick (Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Assistant Attorney General, OJP) for advancing the Attorney General's goal of increasing the use of science and evidence in the Department's work, and specifically for designing, planning, and implementing, a searchable database of evidence-based programs covering a range of justice-related topics.