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May | June 2012

Upcoming Events

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges' 75th Annual Conference:
July 15–18, 2012

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges logo

This conference, to be held in New Orleans, LA, will focus on a range of juvenile and family law topics, including child abuse and neglect, trauma, custody and visitation, high-conflict divorce, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and substance abuse. The annual event provides information and tools to juvenile and family courts to support their efforts to improve case processing and outcomes for children, youth, families, victims, and communities. For more information and to register, visit the conference Web site.

Fifth National Conference on Behavioral Health for Women and Girls: July 17–19, 2012

This conference, which will take place in San Diego, CA, will bring together professionals working in prevention, mental health, and addiction services for women and girls. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in partnership with Mental Health Systems, Inc., "It's All About HERR—Health, Empowerment, Resilience, and Recovery" will emphasize gender-responsive, culturally competent, and trauma-informed principles and practices. For information and to register, visit the conference Web site.

Children's Defense Fund National Conference: July 22–25, 2012

The conference will present the latest research findings, best practices, community-building models, and empowerment strategies to meet the needs of children and the poor, including a focus on diminishing child and youth involvement in the juvenile justice system. The conference will take place in Cincinnati, OH. Registration is available online.

2012 Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse in Rural Communities Conference: August 1–3, 2012

Sponsored by the Coalition for Healthy Youth, this training conference emphasizes the unique challenges of preventing youth substance abuse in rural communities. The conference theme is "Reaching Out to the Missing Partners." Visit the conference Web site for more information.

11th National Conference on Addiction and Criminal Behavior: August 12–15, 2012

Designed for addiction and criminal justice professionals, the conference will address the challenges of reentry and the relationship between addiction and criminal behavior. Sessions will cover a range of topics, including key elements to reentry planning, current drug trends, the psychology of addiction, effective program development, gangs in the 21st century, strength-based intervention for juveniles, co-occurring disorders, juvenile-specific treatment issues, working within a correctional setting, transitioning juvenile offenders back into society, and suicide prevention. The conference will take place in St. Louis, MO.

24th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference: August 13–16, 2012

Crimes Against Children Conference Sponsored by the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department, this conference is designed to meet the training needs of professionals from the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, social work, children's advocacy, therapy, and medicine who work directly with child victims of crime. The conference, to be held in Dallas, TX, will provide training in the detection, investigation, prosecution, and healing interventions in all types of child victimization, including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, fatalities, sexual exploitation, abduction, trafficking, and Internet-related exploitation. To register, go to the conference Web site.

13th National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention:
August 28–30, 2012

This conference will take place in New Orleans, LA. Sponsored by the National Children's Advocacy Center, the conference will include presentations by nationally renowned experts on current research and trends in preventing child sexual abuse and commercial exploitation. Registration is available online.

2012 National Center for Victims of Crime Conference: September 19–21, 2012

2012 National Center for Victims of Crime Conference logo

Experts will lead nearly 80 information and skill-building sessions at this conference, cohosted by the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault and the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Session topics include Assessing and Addressing Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a Local Context, Child Protection in Youth-Serving Organizations, Secondary and Vicarious Trauma: An Interactive Approach to Caring for Service Providers, Responding to Foreign Child Victims of Human Trafficking, Incorporating Victim Voices Into Research: Examples From the Field, and Promising Partnership Practices Between Law Enforcement and Immigration Victims of Crime. Registration for the event, which will be held in New Orleans, LA, is available online.

119th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Expo:
September 29–October 3, 2012

To be held in San Diego, CA, this annual conference, organized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, brings together police leadership from around the world to discuss current trends and challenges in law enforcement and to share lessons learned in more than 200 educational sessions. Topics from past conferences have included strategies for leading change in police culture, online learning and operational support, public law enforcement and private security collaboration, violent crime, use-of-force issues, training, and case studies. More than 800 companies will showcase their products at the conference, which constitutes the largest venue in the world for exhibiting technology designed specifically for law enforcement. To register for this event, go to the conference's Web site.