Missing Children's Citizen Award: Letter Carrier H. Keith Ray, U.S. Postal Service, St. Louis, MO

On February 25, 2011, while Letter Carrier H. Keith Ray, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service, was making his daily mail delivery to the Wohlwend Elementary School in St. Louis, MO, he found a flurry of police activity at the facility. An autistic boy had been reported missing from the school playground. Police and school officials had mobilized officers and others to search for the child. Mr. Ray volunteered to assist in the search.

The weather forecast called for very cold temperatures, which added further urgency to the search. After searching for the boy around a local pond, Mr. Ray turned his attention to a nearby chapel that appeared to be closed. Upon gaining entry to the chapel, Mr. Ray found the young boy, who was curled up in an effort to stay warm. After making sure the boy was safe and unharmed, Mr. Ray alerted the police, bringing the search to a close.

If not for Keith Ray, this small boy may have not been found for hours; he was in real danger of succumbing to the cold, or other potential harm. Because of Mr. Ray's dedication to his community, his sincere concern and resourcefulness, the missing child was returned unharmed to his family.

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