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January | February 2012

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In a 2009 online survey of 200 adults who were mentored in Big Brothers Big Sisters for at least 1 year during their childhood, 77 percent of respondents reported doing better in school because of their Big Brother or Big Sister, 65 percent agreed their Big Brother or Big Sister
helped them reach a
higher level of
education than they
thought possible,
and 52 percent
agreed their Big
Brother or Big
Sister kept them
from dropping out of high school.

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Photo of Melodee Hanes, Acting Administrator, OJJDP.
On January 18, 2012, Assistant Attorney General Laurie O. Robinson announced the designation of Melodee Hanes as the Acting Administrator of OJJDP. Hanes, who has served as the Acting Deputy Administrator for Policy at OJJDP for the past 2 1/2 years, replaces Jeff Slowikowski, who served as Acting Administrator for nearly 3 years. Before joining OJJDP, Hanes worked for 16 years as a deputy county attorney prosecuting child abuse, sexual assault, and homicide cases and for years trained and lectured on child abuse-related topics.
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