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Public concern about juvenile violence is bearing fruit. Juvenile arrests for violent crime are far below their peaks in the early 1990's. The number of juvenile arrests for murder decreased 39% from 1993 to 1997. The number of juvenile arrests for violent crimes and the percentage of violent crimes cleared by juvenile arrests also have declined -- and these decreases are occurring despite continuing growth in the juvenile population.

Such good news, however, should not foster complacency nor lead us to weaken our efforts to combat violent juvenile crime, which despite decreases is still too prevalent. Rather, we need to build on these accomplishments with the implementation of additional effective prevention programs and a stronger juvenile justice system. It is this type of response that will further reduce the levels of juvenile violence that endanger our communities and of other problem behaviors that prevent youth from achieving their potential.

Juvenile Arrests 1997 provides a summary and a preliminary analysis of national and State juvenile arrest data reported in the FBI's November 1998 report, Crime in the United States 1997. Everyone who is concerned about juvenile crime should consider the information this Bulletin offers and incorporate it into their understanding of juvenile delinquency. With sound information and solid commitment, we can all make a difference.

Shay Bilchik

Blue Line
Juvenile Arrests 1997 Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  December 1998